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Lesche Digger
A New Digger from the maker of the GROUND SHARK . . . ,
another "Pro-Proven product"!

  • Designed with the metal detectorist in mind

  • Lightweight and strong, nearly indestructable Crome-Moly steel

  • Generous hand guard

  • Tough cordura belt sheath

  • Made in the USA

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Jimmy Sierra Lesche Digger 


Lesche Digger

The Lesche Digger is built by the same master craftsman who builds our foot assisted digger, the Ground Shark, and it was also designed with the needs of the metal detectorist in mind. You have to hold it in your hand to appreciate the feel. Those of you who have used the Ground Shark will also recognize the same quality and useablility of this new digging tool.

I took one to England with me on my last detecting tour and used it every day. It was one of the best hand tools I ever used. It is very lightweight, yet strong. It is fabricated in the USA out of Crome-Moly Steel and is near indestructable.

The generous sized hand guard makes for a very secure feeling when digging in rough ground. The serrated edge cut through every root I encountered and I had to chip away at some pretty hard ground as well.

We have designed a tough cordura belt sheath for the Lesche Digger and it is included in the price.

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